"I cured a pork loin with Wild Sky Seasonings this week and smoked it today. Quite possibly the best pork I've ever had."
Travis H. 
Wild Sky Customer

"Makes the best turkey ansd waterfowl I've ever tasted!"
Chris S
Wild Sky Customer

"It is not very hard to make wild Turkey taste good. My issue with wild Turkey has always been that it tastes fine but comes out too dry. I have found the Wild Sky injection mix technique to dramatically improve both the taste and dryness issues with wild Turkey. Much simpler and safer than deep fat frying. I just breast out my Turkey, inject it, soak it overnight in the Wild Sky brine, then smoke it at 225 degrees to an internal temperature of 170. My final touch is searing the Turkey breast on high heat on the grill for 60 seconds a side, and sprinkling on a little Chipotle seasoning. Fantastic!"

Jim B.
Renowned Turkey Killer

"I've enjoyed eating wild duck for 20+ years and have tried its numerous ways and with a number of different seasonings.  The first time I tried Wild Sky Seasonings injected in some smoked duck breasts I was blown away.  The combination of spices they use is the perfect blend for use on duck and I feel it would be equally amazing on Turkey, Dove, Chicken, or any other Fowl.  Its apparent that the makers of Wild Sky Seasoning has been fine tuning this spice recipe to not overpower, but enhance the natural flavor of the fowl you are cooking.  I highly recommend this product to any hunter or cook who enjoys the taste of wild game birds as much as I do."

Nate W.
Project Manager

“I was lucky enough to be one of the first to try Wild Sky Seasonings and before I was finished chewing my first bite of smoked duck, I was already reaching for another. It’s the great balance of so many flavors yet without one ingredient over powering the others. The taste is dead on when targeting my very picky taste buds. This one would be a hard one to share…”

New York, Midwest transplant