About Wild Sky

About Wild Sky Seasonings

We are a Nebraska-based business, located in the very heart of America’s premier hunting and fishing areas. 

The Original developers Of Wild Sky Seasonings Brine/injection product (Rod & Kim Ury) took years of backyard barbecue experiences (and experiments!) and applied what we learned to our own harvest of wild game. The result is what we think is the perfect blend for our Wild Sky Seasonings Inject, Soak & Smoke product. This unique injection product brings to life the great tastes and flavors of any bird you prepare. You and your family are about to experience some great eating, whether it’s wild turkey, duck, geese, snow geese or domestic turkey or chicken.

In the meantime, Rod & Kim continued to use the product and found to our amazement that not only did  this injection brine transform meat and fowl to a moist and more flavorful product, it made a great soak for a variety of fish (before smoking). It worked great on deer meat, too! Further development of products within our company will no doubt lead to even more uses and products and offerings.

Fast Forward
Ron & Kim made the decision to sell the business in late 2019.  I had known Rod & Kim through our Grow Nebraska affiliation. Long story short we finalized the sale at the end of January 2020.
My brothers Bob, Fred and I formed a holding company we named Evergreen Products Group, LLC.  Wild Sky Seasonings is the first acquisition for our holding company. We have always had a love for the outdoors which we inherited from our Dad, Ralph Noren,  who was a proud Swede, avid fisherman, occasional hunter, and longtime story teller.
Bottom line
We want to give the hunter/fisherman and backyard barbecue chef an easy way to create delicious and remarkable meats from their game or domestic birds, fish and game meats. We predict that even self-proclaimed game-bird/game-meat haters will love what you prepare using our injection brine mix.

 Our goal is to grow The Wild Sky Seasonings product line with other high quality products made for folks like us.

We have a passion for the outdoors and back yard grilling and barbecue.
Try our Wild Sky Seasonings products TODAY, and find out for yourself what great quality products they are. Developed right here in Heart of America. We hope you enjoy our products and look forward to hearing from you.

Roy, Bob and Fred Noren

Roy Noren
13011 Reynolds Street
Omaha, NE 68142

P.S. Wild Sky Seasonings mix is store/shelf ready for retail sales. Contact us if you are interested in offering our products in your retail or online store.