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Rod & Kim" "Owners of Wild Sky Seasonings

About Us
We are a Nebraska-based business, located in the very heart of America’s premier hunting areas.  

My wife and I took years of backyard barbecue experiences (and experiments!) and applied what we learned to our own harvest of wild game. The result is what we think is the perfect blend for our Wild Sky Seasonings Inject, Soak & Smoke product. This unique injection product brings to life the great tastes and flavors of any bird you prepare. You and your family are about to experience some great eating, whether it’s wild turkey, duck, geese, snow geese or domestic turkey or chicken.

The back story
After 35 years as a conductor for a large railroad, I’d eaten nearly every game meat known to mankind, most brought to work by my co-workers—grilled, fried, smoked, dehydrated. I sometimes wondered if this was how these guys got rid of whatever their own families wouldn’t eat! I know they meant well. Seems they always cooked birds the same way as their parents. I thought there must be a better way.

So, in 2006 we developed an early version of our product. Informal taste tests with department heads of a large retailer in western Nebraska confirmed it: we were onto something!

During the next few years we continued to improve our product, but we just sat on it, using it personally and within our hunting group. You know how that goes: too much to do, too little time to do it. Finally, a session with University Nebraska-Lincoln folks at their “Recipe to Reality” seminar really opened our minds and broke us free from our deadlock and our “only-waterfowl” thought process. We found that Wild Sky Seasonings worked unbelievably well on wild turkey! Chickens and domestic turkeys were next, with equally delicious results.  But once again we did nothing more with it.

In the meantime, we continued to use the product and found to our amazement that not only did  this injection brine transform meat and fowl to a moist and more flavorful product, it made a great soak for a variety of fish (before smoking). It worked great on deer meat, too! Further development of products within our company will no doubt lead to even more uses and product flavors.

But back to our story: finally in autumn 2011, one of my hunting buddies challenged me to get the product out. I accepted the challenge. It was time to put up or shut up!

Success! (Well, except for that nasty tornado business)
Kim and I finally came up with a business name, and in February 2012 we formed Wild Sky Seasonings LLC! We were on our way! Then, an early spring EF-3 tornado chose our house to land on and once again, we were delayed…and yet another hurdle to getting our great product out to the public! But we persevered, and now we’re ready to share our unique product with the world.

Bottom line
We want to give the hunter and backyard barbecue chef an easy way to create delicious and remarkable meats from their game or domestic birds, fish and game meats. We predict that even self-proclaimed game-bird/game-meat haters will love what you prepare using our injection brine mix.

Try our Wild Sky Seasonings mix TODAY, and find out for yourself what a great quality product this is, developed right here in Nebraska. You, your family and friends will ALL be awed and amazed by your new cooking techniques for game and domestic meats.

Rodney & Kimberlee

Rodney & Kimberlee
P.O. Box 1442
North Platte, NE 69101

P.S. Wild Sky Seasonings mix is store/shelf ready for retail sales. Contact us if you are interested in offering our products in your retail or online store.